by FenPhoenix

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Written, recorded, produced, "mixed" & """mastered""" by Fen


[Verse 1]
I wake up, try to calm my chest down
Snowflake, bullshit, I'm a hog in Cesstown
Snowcrest is my breakfast, I'm a mess, now
Cut down the stress, got to go uptown today
Put on my Grados, brain dozing
Got to tame that latent explosion
Chill breeze in mid-winter, that's cold
Ten thousand fans, not a single one knows it
Gotta steady my brain, get it a big gulp
'Nother night beating the Goddess into a red pulp

[Chorus 1]
Toss and turning on the wild side
Toss and turning on the wild side

[Verse 2]
Toss and turn, I have done treason
Knock the bed, no excuse if I'm dreaming
Lucifer soon as I know that I'm lucid
Lucy, forgive me, I didn't choose this
Rules be damned, I just jam to music
Body in a cold sweat, hands damp and humid
God if I wasn't a pussy, she'd be banned and muted
I hack and mutilate, gonna can the stupid

[Chorus 2]
If I can't feel love for you, then I will feel nothing at all
Cause I don't even care how you feel, I am not going to fall

[Verse 3]
Eyes shut, this time I gleam with armor
Ready for the dream, calm, no sleep, my honor
Teeth and claws are armed to the teeth to harm her
Chris John is turning to Christine Tatiana
I woke in the jungle, same as all (k)nights do
Strap my gloves on and machete it right through
One, two, step, one, two, step, nothing in my head
You're gonna pull out the gun and she will be red
Hand to your waist, hand up, pull the trigger now
Then you'll be free, you can think, you'll be lifted out
No more a beast, or a kid, or idiot child
You will ascend to be King and that bitch'll bow
Living loud, the big sin, gonna sit it out
People will all be sunshine, no bit of cloud
Looking at people alive, never a thing and be proud
Looking at people like meals, not a sugary pile

[Chorus 3]
The only time I feel safe is when I'm behind your eyes
Cause every time an animal feeds, a deity dies

[Verse 4]
Trees part, the scent of Soma Cola
Cleaned up nicely, and rose out the coma
Head blank, dizzy, all I can feel is aroma
Chemical warfare, "biological, lowborn sack of flesh"
Stepping in the wretched sex war
"Nature's defect", "suppress for success", "WHORE"
I got my gun trained on her, trained for this moment
Laughing in her face as she rose up
Close-up, looking at her eyes, it's blue jewels
For five minutes and felt nothing, you lose
The gun blasts, and I felt it, right in my own chest
We both dropped, carpet like velvet
Forest floor covered in blood, soaking
Cold sweat but chest calm, I've awoken

[Chorus 4]
Toss and turning on the wild side
Toss and turning on the wild side
We can help you hurt another time
We can help you hurt another time

One child into my arms
(Exora let it go)
Love bigger than the sea
(Exora let it go)
You ever see monsters
(Exora let it go)
Dispel them in me
Cause I adore you
And I adore you





FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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