A Pinkie Thing

by FenPhoenix

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Written for Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together.


What's wrong with a little fun, going crazy
Celestia's sun rays bathe me, it's time
to do literally everything under said solar entity
to elicit a smile from a friend
including taking it back to the old school
wicky-wicky what's that Dash, you like rap?
raise a glass to that, see you at the battle arena (bye!)
now I'm fiending for some sugary treats
trot to the Corner for sugarcubes
hop to the portal, got to ignore the locked door
straight for the stash, hope the coords are not wrong
wait, they are, end up in Hayseed Swamp
where they found me handing party favors to frogs
the party mare in effect, without a care in Equestria
finessing every lesson cause it's serious business
to live like I do, psyche cause you know I'm silly
to the point of obnoxious, physics let me remind you,
I will spin you around until the point of exhaustion
with diplomatic immunity to your laws I'll be crossing
the border and walls, made of gumdrops and giggles
I figure why skidaddle when I can- wait!
here comes my entourage, bye frogs!
whaddya mean what am I doing?
I'm throwing a party in the swamp, what does it look like?! Sheesh
but at least you're here to hop me happy and muddy home
just another day, I'm bringin' the fracas to your funny bone

I am the best party girl ever and if you don't believe me
you can ask my inanimate object friends
whew, Pinkie's Quest


released January 2, 2015
Beat: Swerve Keystyle
Lyrics / vocals / mastering: Fen

One sample from:
"Faster Does It" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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