by FenPony

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Update 2019/01/14: Now with better volume level on the beat!

Adventures of a rappin' forest dweller


[Verse 1]
They call me crazy, signing up here, but I'm telling 'em
I ain't put up a song in a year, I'm irrelevant
Time for a new start, who the heck's FenPony
Still talking nothing but me, sorry Cyril
Only it's all that I ever was any good at
So sit back, relax, and experience the fury of a Flutterbat
Cause I got bit in the neck by mad ticks
They don't come for the feels, they come to hear me do some backflips
Lyrically, scaring 'em dead with the scenery
Meaning I'm coming straight out your dark and distant memory
Dead, but it never hindered me
Wed to the rap I'm spitting free
Step into my abode, I got my dwelling in the Everfree

Step into my abode, I got my dwelling in the Everfree (x2)

[Verse 2]
Still bragging about me pointlessly in a better verse
Never been worse than when the fen was my dwelling and home
Beyond gardens that think to fold me
What's a pony gotta do to get rose-tinted Oakleys?
I laugh at facts that are all black and vacuous
Lack no talent, somebody give me my taxes
I'm back with the battering ram rhyme
The path of a rap fiend, never can stamp out the blabbing

Amass 'em, I'm off the axis, drop back in the fam
We can whittle it down to Sam/Kazzie
Lonely, no joke, we boldly broke the social rote
Then struggled to keep the band classy

And anything can happen
If you're thinking it's magic that I lack, I'm skilled in psi kappa
Won't last half a round when I crack the ground
And break bad with the element of laughter

So regardless of anything, I canter the stage
With a game face on, what the many think?
Gotta give it to 'em or why am I living
I open my mouth, and out comes the fire, hit 'em like

Kid, you wanna rate me? Don't give me that cockamamie
I punch a pretentious art critic hard in the fuckin' cranium
Save it, I'm what you're waiting for, halo rough, in the game
A Canadian 80 Plus on the faders, stuff it, I reign, and it's
Mass bedlam, thrash and black metal and
Alice in Hell, Black Widow, King of the Kill, Neverland
Sing for the thrill, checking my bevel embossed emblem
Hit me you fall, brony, what up, I'm the lost levels

A Never Be Royal Pegasus pony up in the settlement
Tearing it up, you get with it quick or you get the Element
Filament lit... I descend at 'em from the heavens
And get 'em a bit venomous, spitting acidic
Then I hit 'em and spin 'em dizzy
I pick the rhythm, Pinkie be ever with me
Expectable never, techy forever, equine epiphany

The city won't know what hit 'em when I be spittin' and sizzlin'
Hop on the beat and I make 'em fizzle
I deliver 'em bitter, the cynic has met her better, be rid of her
Leaving 'em livid, but lifted a level
Levitating the many waiting for Fen, the set'll be heavenly
Step into my abode, I got my dwelling in the Everfree
It's liberating instead of a menacing enemy
Step into my abode, I got my dwelling in the Everfree


released October 31, 2016
Beat, lyrics, vocals, mixing: Brian Tobin (FenPony)
Cover art background image is "forest background" by Vashar23: vashar23.deviantart.com/art/forest-background-298319601




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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