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So uh, I accidentally used a sample that was CC-Noncommercial and now I can't get rid of it so I'm not allowed to sell this for money I guess. Oh well. If you really wanted to I guess you could just buy another track. Derp. Licensing is ridiculous.

I wrote this in January 2018 or thereabouts. Finally decided, screw it, I'm just gonna put it out there. Nobody killed me for Shadow Freeverse, right? :3


We are the goddess' child now
We are the light of the day
No longer bright-eyed and newborn
No longer hidden away

We all lay down
We all lay down

Cold night, the day after the world blew
It's the death of the promise, the whirlpool
No hype in the halls, now we're lifeless zombies
Time was you'd fight for your girls, true?
You had a cause and you stuck to it
Bucked 'em and duck, do it all for the love
Of the ones who did nothing but lift me
Another emcee'll bring his girl on stage and tell 'em "she is my Ditzy"
Another day, another cute-fest
Staff interviews, Dustykatt, Peter New, Apple Bloom next
And many beginnings, from Speedy and Stretch
Equestrian Dreamers, and Creber gives the lead to Corlett
AcoustiMando's at the top of their game, you had a project, it's fame
We're all rocking for the love of the same

The world behind all the curtains
Is darker than I can say
I never left but it's certain
It's all been fading to grey

Equestria Girls meets with hate and intolerance
The Hindenburg burns, and wings divide all of us
Behind every Pinkie Pie smile is Cupcakes
Behind every Faust is a world-weary soul fighting for love's sake
You gotta be bright for the kids, that includes us
But sooner or later, the cracks start to be too much
As 2-halcyon-12 passes,
Behind every celebration I can't help but sense the sadness
Hey yo, remember when De Lancie said
"You guys are gonna change the world", but the past is dead
I guess I really did regress to being a kid then
Grew up and lost faith in the love, I've grown distant

So while we had an adventure
It's time to bid it so long
It's up to you to let go then
Or lift your heart and be strong

That's what I get, putting this shit up onto a pedestal
Smiles a mile wide till we die, just let it go
The pinnacle's passed, you said you're sincere but you're spitting trash
Sick of the sass spewing out the back of your fidgety ass
And once I loved you, but I can't take the heartache
Back and forth, do we mean something, or is it all fake?
At the top, I looked in awe at the starscape
But now this rollercoaster makes me vomit, get off shaking
I'm not faking, this shit was the most amazing
Incredible shit I ever could have hoped to bathe in
I basked in it, ever since Dash hit the fast flip for her friend
You coulda asked me in a fast minute, a brony
Never did I mean it more
There's a reason half my songs just repeat the score
And I'd walk till my feet were sore
To the Hilton door, cause of Daniel Richards
If an aspie can travel halfway across the planet for a con
I can face up the border force in Oregon
Everfree and I'm gone, never fearing I'm wrong
Cause Pinkie told me to laugh at Hades spawn
Laugh at that demon, make cracks at that ghostie
Aspie level of high focus, ha, mostly
But I guess I just can't hack it no more
Ever since I practiced for BronyCAN I've been sore
And I've been having a war ever since 2/8/2013
When Fighting is Magic took a kick to the herd's teeth
I guess I just haven't believed in it since then
It's just another fandom, I believe it, I'm just Fen

The celebrations are hollow
It's only getting me down
One figure left on his lonesome
It's time to darken the town

But come to think of it
It really is me that's grown distant from this shit
I don't wanna be taught lessons anymore
I don't wanna be an apple to the fuckin' core
I don't wanna push peace, Imma take mine
I don't wanna have to care what you think, fine
I want to break from the same little bassline
I want a taste of the pain from the grapevine


released April 29, 2020
Written, composed, mixed & mastered (crappily) by Fen. Vox by Fen. Chorus sung crappily by Fen. Listen guys, there's a few notes there in the mid-high range where I can knock it out the park, mate. I swear.

Uses these sounds from freesound.org:

Brit Rock Guitar (90 Bpm) in Em.wav


basic2 120 bpm

90 bouncing strings.wav




Album art:
Background photo by Artur Łuczka

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FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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