I Can't Stop Referencing Pony

by FenPhoenix

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I was writing some non-pony songs and noticed that pony kept creeping into them. Thus I wrote this song about how what it says. Then I got famous!


every time I rap, I can't help but reference pony, every other second
I'm... crazy, must be mad, I run around town bumpin DustyKatt
in my Canterlac, brohoofing everyone from Mando to Derpy
whether you like it or not, oh, wait, let me introduce myself
I'm Fen, and my special talent is talking really fast...
guess who the best pony is?
bringin a little bit of mad to this brony biz
wait! I talk nonsense, stream of conscious is akin to pinkie's
so bring me the contents, of that box set, I watch all in front of me
show appreciation with a nod and a fluttersquee
I'm Fluttershy when I walk the street, but when I rock to the beat
I'm confident, meek, not gonna be, walk to the creek,
"prospect of be", got ten of me, rock the boutique, rock to defeat
got v-scratch up on the beatbox
pony in my veins and I'm never gonna detox

I can't stop referencing pony
I can't stop referencing pony
I can't stop referencing pony
Every time I rap, every time I rap, every time I rap
I can't stop referencing pony
I can't stop referencing pony
I can't stop referencing pony
Every time I, every time I, every time I open my mouth

Pinkie Pie style, word, I got this
I'm in the Party Party and we're back in office
I'm strictly musical, strictly rhythmic
I'm never gonna fit with a slick statistic
I'm Derpy-different, you heard me
I'm bringin the clumsy-cute back, am I nervous? certainly
born to rock pony, go on and quote me
float your boat, but don't get a hope to hold me
they never did find a way to shut me the buck up in the classroom
pass Rainbow Dash with a sonic rapboom
blurt words, and act like an introvert nerd
but when I'm on stage and I rap absurdly passionately
pack 'em when I walk in the ring
true pegasus speed, not a gossamer wing
impossible that things won't go well with a dose of pony
engross the globe till we own it totally
I never flow slowly, oppan scootaloo style
pluggin a cord in my brain and watchin ponies in a do-while



released December 11, 2012
Beat / mixing / lyrics / vocals: Fen

This song uses these sounds from freesound:
deepkickclean.wav by johnnypanic (freesound.org/people/johnnypanic/)
2break.wav by shnur_ (freesound.org/people/shnur_/)
rom-02.wav by hector00 (freesound.org/people/hector00)
KD-BD.wav, KD-cym1b.wav, KD-hhcl.wav by atomwrath (freesound.org/people/atomwrath)
80's Reflecter kick 2.wav by Walter_Odington (freesound.org/people/Walter_Odington/)




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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