by FenPhoenix

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Wrote this in a day, grabbed a random unfinished beat and just poured my heart out.


you take from me, won't say why
let me either live or die

I got a fucked form, face it, source force has abandoned me
now it's time for philanthropy
cause I ain't gonna have shit where I'm going
death or doctors, lay the plot for me open
if I'm paying the piper then fuck him
I've paid my debts, now get stuffed with a buckskin
stuck rim, but luck limited, jack fuck from the func-M
smug grin drug from a physician
motherfuckin' massage therapist saying
"everybody wants a quick solution, but there is none"
fuck that, don't you understand
I don't take dogma from atheist land
you ignorant defeatist
on your feet
haven't you had a miracle healing streak?
haven't you listened when your feelings speak?
don't you understand what those feelings seek?!
and what about you Paul, you fall
where's your promise when I'm against the wall
I can have it all, I can have anything I want
all I have to do is, no!!!


spine, hip bruised, ribcage rotated
I don't fuckin' care what you say
I'm done, I'm through, I'm graded
my body won't behave, time to leave it
if my mind is free, I'll believe this
the real truth is love, I can't see it
it's more like spiritual date rape
you see this? *bang*
there, I destroyed your toy
I'm gonna fuckin' poison me and avoid your ploy
are you annoyed? nope, you're laughing
cackling, batshit
you know as well as I do my body will stay planted
I'm like "Clarence, I wanna live" every single fuckin' time
then it's back to the torture, you like that?
right trample me down and I bite back
right knackered and left without hope or chance
you belong in an ambulance, and I'm putting you down
the minute I die from natural causes, you're going down
fuckin' please, I beg you



released December 25, 2015
Lyrics / vocals / production / mixing: Fen
White Drums 150-BPM Key-C.wav by Goup_1
DrumLoop1.wav by Th3R3m1x3d




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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