No Pressure

by FenPhoenix

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This song is a humorous look at the sort of things I was feeling after "I Can't Stop Referencing Pony" got EQD'd. It's not meant to be taken seriously whatsoever.


5k views, what do I do
I must top my last vid without using
random rap talk, better write this properly
I've got seventy subs from one song watching me
props-ing me, so I had better blow minds
but I'm awfully free when it's time to flow rhymes
and I never wrote pony before, but now
I might possibly only be allowed to throw down
a character verse, trackin with Schism I'm packin it in
it simply didn't give me the fidelity to better my beats
for EQD, I thought that'd screw me - nope
mon dieu, c'est plus de marques cutie
sacre bleu, everypony giving me praise
I better make the epicest track you've seen in your days
bombastic, hype, fast, and lasting ten minutes
the power metal of random pony rap tracks hittin equestria
the best of the best, I best be on point
like a visit from Celestia, bless the track with ample pedigree
rap with hypercomplexity
and if I do my best, they might invite me to play at Everfree

"I can't stop listening to this track"
no pressure
"this is super sick, dat rapping"
no pressure
"prepare for a bucketload of views"
no pressure
I gotta write, gotta write
no, no pressure

this beat needs something, better keep the funk going
I wouldn't disappoint and junk by not growing
I'm bout flowing a flow, never mind the topic
but I better stick to ponies or I'll get kicked off the fandom
whaddaya mean it's not a competition, I gotta switch into gear
and give the people a thing to listen to
my last track don't cut jack more than a novelty
I gotta show these ponies I can hang with man-dopp-ony
well maybe not, but at least I can rap with a vengeance
over beats better and more complex than Stop Referencing
the difference is the passion, can't talk me rational
rap like Dash riding a rocket-strapped Nazgul
following up Can't Stop with more random nonsense
I can't help but rap the contents of my head
watch as I match Pinkie word-for-word
take it to the mix, cross my hooves and show the herd

"Holy horseapples o.o"
no pressure
"I would buy this... seriously"
no pressure
"You, sir, are just MAGNIFICENT"
no pressure
I gotta write, gotta write
no, no pressure

this fandom inspires me, push me up higher
write to spread love, in the form of fire

right now, I'm gonna getcha


released January 19, 2013
Beat / mixing / mastering / vocals / lyrics: Fen

This song uses these sounds from freesound:
duppyReverseSnare_120bpm.wav by djduppy (
KD-hhcl.wav, KD-hhped.wav by atomwrath (
SD1.wav by Tristan (
Romper 130.wav, RomperB 130.wav by patchen (




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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