Shadow Freeverse

by FenPhoenix

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Got something on your mind? Load up the DAW and spew it.


Another day gone ugly
Lost but they love me
Crawl through the mud and I'm hungry
Wars rage in the head when I'm healthy
When I'm not, it's a hell for the self
If my back's gonna let me
When the facts are against me, a threat to me
Then I sing to at least be free
I would pray if she was there
Or at least put her face in my crosshair
Imma meet you, soon, I can promise you, moon
I can't take it, I feel my whole brain going crazy
The lack of contact, maybe
I turn back
Stomped enough faces in the dirt
Cause it hurt so bad
Dare I dream? Dare I read? Releasing steam
And you hate me, you hate me, you hate me, you hate me
Every time I read, you just HATE me
And I scream for my fate, it's opaque, B
My fucking ear won't take inhalation
In a lacy gown, I fellate me
Cause my ego's ablaze, it's my baby
And if it makes me a lazy, cold-blooded reptile
Laze on my bed reading face-feeds
Feeding my face, Blue Blazer
Blue state with a plate of thaumatrium
It's gonna work now, gonna show no remorse, hit 'em first now
Gonna leave with the shadow, with her town burnt down
Once I was full but I'm burst now
But at least I cried
Everything's better with sweet AI
Live as a blur, figure I'm full of piss and vinegar
If I'm a shapeshifter, I may as well take a prisoner
Missing her? Come and get her, I'm sipping on Amaretto
You picked the wrong of your betters to spit on, I'll bung a letter
Dearest Princess Celestia,
Tonight I learned the stages of grief are a motherfucker
I'm still in denial, fighting
Broken, I'm limelighting
Everybody can look and say "book him"
I'm off riding to Brainblow Asylum
Rainbows, I ride 'em, to Saltspring Island
May solve my problem, the helpline dialing
Off the hook, wild, an incompetent guy picks up
And yo, asks if I like those knives and
Why would I, I'm already in pain
I'm trying to end it, you think I'm literally insane?
But blue skies and carefree days, are what's mine
Despite what you may have heard from some pathetic motherfucker
All the successful people, they say
What you've got to do is this way
Then somebody debunks them and
They're just miserable broke pissants
And they don't even care or know
I will destroy you all with my flow
Cause it's about the only thing that I've got at this point
But I'll die without a single hitch in my frigging voice
And they can let me go sleep, both feet in the dirt
They can talk about how I never worked
Worthless bum, self-hating man
Never discovered nothing, commentator-in-a-can
I take a dominatrix in a van
Accelerate to eighty, set the cruise, then I bake her up a flan
Then I cater to her, making conversation as I am
Then I say to her, milady, Imma pay you eighty grand
Here's a nailed bat, go and masturbate it with your hand
Then I snatch it back and shove it up my anus till it jams
Strip naked with a razor, lacerating where I can
Then I beat my cranium to a pecan
Say madame, I am not a base animal, be patient if you can
You're a critical component of my plan
The cops gonna find us, and we had best be hoping when they land
That they won't believe you when you say you didn't do damn
And we can make the papers up in Van
And maybe that'll make 'em stop saying men are dangerous, shabam!
The fairer sex, you complain you got it bad
But nobody ever worries when they date you
And they make you out to be completely crazy on the pad
But even that ain't enough to get a kid a frickin' warning from his dad?!
And they can meet you in a back alley, obviously doing crack
Still invite you to tea, and they come back and say what they did
And their parents are like "that's cute"
You could really cause trouble at the taproot
Femininity's cute, fluffy and harmless
Masculinity's treating women like puddles of garbage
Warm and nurturing! I guess we're cold and degrading?
No wonder so many colts grow up crazy
And you don't have to worry about a frickin' beast
Inside of you that you can't control bursting out
You say I wouldn't do it, but what about on the fuckin' news
It's all you hear about, christ, did they fuckin' choose?
Or is the monster capable of taking over your brain too?
Congrats, you're a boy, I hate you!
Fuck it, stay celibate, problem solved
Except for your ever-increasing porn habit, but never mind
I'm gonna counteract and repent when I spit a rhyme





FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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