They Call Us Run​-​CMC

by FenPhoenix

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It had to be done when I thought of the pun.


--- LYRICS ---
[Apple Bloom]
We go by the name of Run-CMC
the ponies wanna be us desperately
but you know we are the queens of the m-i-c
and they always ask me, Apple B, "how you do it"

we, clap our hands, you stomp your hooves
our DJ's spinnin the hottest grooves
like the moves I bust, I'm the Lady High Scooter
and if you try to beat me I will give you the boot

[Sweetie Belle]
I'm, thinking, got the fly diction
never waste words, in the rhyme that I'm kicking
I get real hype when the levels peak
and when I get to Crystal Kingdom I *squeaksqueaksqueak!*

But we got one more, it's not the end
not only is she bad, but she's our friend
she's the baddest seed in the neighbourhood
not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good!

[Babs Seed]
They call me Bad Seed but the name is Babs
I been through the ghetto, and I come back fab
I never hurt friends, that's a guarantee
and if you don't believe me you can ask A.B.

so don't try to bully, try to be my friend
cause if you do, you'll meet a filthy end
but I always got a hand for those in need
spread the kindness from the seed

Run, run,
they call us run, run,

[Sweetie Belle]
now, Sweetie Belle, I'm the town's best singer
a super kinda crazy funky fresh rhyme bringer
not a dictionary but I keep one handy
I discomfit and vanquish, that's my modus operandi

I'm in demand when I rock the spot
My name's Scootaloo and I'm the Queen of Rock
my mane's royal purple and my coat's red hot
and haters wanna be me cause they know they're not

from Sweet Apple Acres to Canterlot
nopony can break the friendship we've got
but we still gotta tell em bout what we do
yo Bloom, take the mic, cause you know we ain't through

[Apple Bloom]
cutie mark crusaders, we don't give haters
the time of day, cause you know we're made of
tougher stuff, we never suffer fluff
we're gonna bring the house down when we huff and puff

[Babs Seed (I guess)]
we aim to get our marks when we go crusading
nopony ever got their cutie mark in waiting
we got that training, our shine ain't fading
and if we see dissenters we disintegrate 'em


we perform together
horn, hooves, feathers
Cloudsdale's standing tall
but we're gonna do better

possessed with our
friendship power
we never stop crusading
hour hour after hour

every task we'll try it
we just don't buy that
we can't achieve our talent in spite of
every scared little bully trying to throw us off course
Run-CMC, hearts strong as HORSES


released September 3, 2014
Beat / mixing / mastering / vocals / lyrics: Fen


From djduppy (

From patchen (




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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