by FenPhoenix

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Written for BronyCAN 2013.


introducing me, Fen, the fire flow
my little po', representin Neighnaimo
fine foal, futile, to call me earthbound
I'm rapping so fast, I can spin the earth round
so put your hoof down, and pick your pistol
smash you with a tube till you're liquid crystal
knowing this, Rhyme Flow's flow's the flowinest
throwing this to the wind, I'm gonna roll a bonus
ponies'll gather round to hear me flow,
nothing like this has ever been heard for years and lo,
a fearsome foe, pierce 'em with the sound of destiny
rockin a pink dress, you don't wanna be testin me
outfit by Rarity, high class, I verily bypass
society, why be the last
to bury the past, never got shame, I take pride
Write till the late night, Luna be my guide
be smart, in tune to D-sharp
music is love, I believe, check the c-mark
freak out, flowing like a waterfall of rainbow
fake? no, rockin out, my brain's in a blaze
no way, I'll never quit, the feeling fills me
no frills, on the set with a freakin' trilby
got more than enough, forfeit the tough
dorkin' it up, got no fear, trot till it kills me

now you know me, dethrone the flowpony
nope, I can't stand for that, that's baloney
fact: I'm not phony, rap with flame
flatten the game, plant my hoof and raise my name
FenPony, I've got many a set to rock
ready your plot, betting, depending on who you are
you get rocked or crushed with a pet rock, littlest pet shop
winning every battle, even those I never fought
never thought a pony could resist more
ripping like Discord, but get this, yo, I'm his lord
piss poor, diminishing Chrysalis' horde
with a rhythm, I stomp, and when I'm finished you wish more
hit the floor running, not gunning, in spite I'm feisty
never precisely mean, I'm just concise
say what I want, do what I want, audentius and authentic
I said I got flow and I meant it
bent the rules, and sent foals home with their jewels
yeah, I get paid the bits, but it's all about enthusiasm
I never handled the pitter-patter better
the critters all over my grille cause they can see I'm high-spirited
basically, I get hyped up when I rap, and laugh,
and say I'm the best, but I'm just overly passionate
a dashing wit, pass the time test, a bit fast
I'm never the track to skip past, so...!


released August 16, 2013
Beat / mixing / mastering / vocals / lyrics: Fen

This song uses the following sounds from djduppy (

and the following sound from from urmymuse (
Persist gtr1.wav

and the following sounds from




FenPhoenix Victoria, British Columbia

Professional rap guy

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